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Traditional Artisans – new designs in their life Surendranagar District, in Gujarat – India, has been home to numerous traditional art forms. Artisans – primarily men, work with silk, cotton and wool – conjuring amazing sarees, stoles, shawls and … Read More

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Vanita proudly opens the door to the toilet and bath she built with the loan from Shanti Life. Then her smile widens with amusement as she points to a smaller concrete block that sits hugging her toilet.   The Swachh … Read More

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“The times are bad in our village. A lot of young boys in the village are upto no good” says JayaBen. With an anxious look she explains “the young boys trouble, tease and cat call at our girls when they … Read More

Shanti Life is honoured to win the Most Enterprising Charity by Asian Voice and Charity Clarity. On May 20th, 2016 the who’s who of the Indian Community in the UK and many charities came together in London to celebrate what’s … Read More

31 kilometres away from Ahmedabad city is Bavla. It is your typical Indian urban village that is caught between the pull and push of urbanisation, identity and rural life. The people in this village certainly seem to be trying to … Read More

Its been way too long since I posted on our blog because we have been super busy on the ground in the field implementing our amazing microfinance model. Yes our model really is amazing. Why? Because we provide meaningful loans … Read More

Recently we had an opportunity to interact with Sheetal Mehta Walsh, the dynamic, young and attractive founder of Shanti Life. Read on to know about how she and her organisation is making the world a better place: 1. Tell us … Read More