Afghan Refugees

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Afghan Refugees

We have witnessed many communities of women suffer due to lack of support systems which directly affect their families and communities. Shanti Life is positioned to relieve conditions associated with unemployment including improving economic opportunities for vulnerable individuals. We do this by providing pay it forward micro loans for the purpose of establishing or funding small businesses, entrepreneurial training focussed on financial literacy and the development of business skills, and the provision of basic necessities including clothing and business equipment.

Our immediate call for support is to assist Afghan refugees settling in Edmonton.

Fleeing their homes and devastation left by the Taliban, these vulnerable communities need basic necessities and economic opportunities including employment.

Many have already arrived and many more will be arriving during the winter months.

There is a need for:
– winter clothing including boots
– diapers
– school books, backpacks and computers
– food and health services
– training, up skilling and review of qualifications for employment

Kindly consider making a donation – 100% of your donation will be given in the form of a gift card to support the resettlement of refugees who are arriving during the winter months.

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