Shanti Life Using Loans to Empower Women

Shanti Life believes innovation is everywhere but empowerment isn’t; yet. Women and children, particularly in underprivileged areas of India, struggle to succeed and realise their dreams through innovation. Shanti Life India Foundation is a social initiative aiming to empower disadvantaged women. more…

The angel focusing on bringing financial access to India

Finding venture capital can be a real struggle for Irish entrepreneurs. Yet the effort pales in significance when you consider what women living in India’s slums must go through to secure support for their microbusinesses. more…

Shanti Life Wins Most Enterprising Charity of the Year by Asian Voice
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Changing The World – 8 Indian Youths Who Used Their Skills For Humanity!

“Founder of Shanti Life, a microfinance company which lends loan to underprivileged people, so that they can have sustainable business. She started her work especially for slums of Gujarat. The benefits at Shanti Life is huge. The appeal gets mentoring, financial literacy training, easy access to eco-sanitation facilities and a very low interest rate of 12%. Sheetal is known for her great help to the people of slums in India, especially Gujarat. She funded an Ahmedabad sewing school based Vatva, the families lost everything in 2002 riot fires. Locally, she is also known and praised for lending loans to the rickshaw drivers to let them buy their own Rickshaw. more…

Sheetal Mehta Walsh, on the Rise of Social Entrepreneurship

“Sheetal Mehta Walsh, recently featured in our hugely popular article The 10 Upcoming Female Social Entrepreneurs of India, is the founder of Shanti Life, a unique microfinance platform serving the poor in Gujarat villages and slums so that they can create sustainable businesses more…

The 10 Upcoming Female Social Entrepreneurs of India

“Sheetal is the founder of Shanti Life, a unique microfinance platform serving the poor in Gujarat villages and slums so that they can create sustainable businesses. All beneficiaries receive financial literacy training, mentoring, access to eco-sanitation facilities and a low interest rate of more…

Microfinancing with …


Sheetal Mehta-Walsh

“When my family was kicked out of Uganda by dictator Idi Amin in 1972, we arrived in Canada as refugees with literally nothing. My parents worked hard to provide us with opportunities that would benefit our communities and ourselves. As they didn’t know anybody, my mother opened the phone book and contacted people in similar situations that led to her creation of the Alberta Gujarati Association (now 4000 families.) more…

UK, Silicon Valley entrepreneurs set up India MFI fund

“It is a cross between an angel investor, an NGO, and a microfinance fund. A group of high-profile UK and Silicon Valley entrepreneurs , including the likes of James Caan , panelist on BBC’s high-profile venture capital funding show Dragon’s Den; Brent Hoberman , founder of Last-minute .com; Silicon Valley venture capitalist John Hummer — one of the early investors in Napsters, among others, have come together to set up a not-for-profit microfinance fund, Shanti more…

Microfinance aim to boost India slums

“Entrepreneurs Brent Hoberman and James Caan are set to launch a new micro-finance fund to raise money from fellow entrepreneurs to fund ethical bottom-up investment in India.James Caan is one of the partners aiming to encourage other entrepreneurs to donate not only money but also time to projects in the slums of India. The pair – founders of and Alexander Mann respectively – are working with Sheetal Mehta, one of the Government’s global trade ambassadors, to establish Shanti Microfinance, which aims to be a more honest type of microfinance initiative. more…

Great female IT role models: Sheetal Mehta

“Sheetal Mehta is founder of Shanti Microfinance, which is a social enterprise charity that provides access to technology and capital for entrepreneurs in slums and villages in Gujarat, India. more…

Transformative power of microfinance for women

“The women of the world still get the rawest deal. Throughout history, in places where life is tough for everyone, women still on average work for longer hours and take on the burden of the household chores. more…

The Right way of Microfinance


Interview: Sheetal Mehta, the Female Microfinance Guru

“Sheetal Mehta, founder of Innovative Social Ventures, has won many awards such as: Asian Women of Achievement; was listed in the 35 under 35 of Management Today and awarded for her Public Services this year at the Jewel Awards. She has just launched Shanti Microfinance which takes technology and microfinance to entrepreneurs in slums in India. more…

An Interview with Sheetal Mehta Walsh

“Sheetal Mehta Walsh has inspired and helped countless entrepreneurs and innovators from her career with Microsoft to providing advisory services to socially conscious technology companies. She’s now bringing this vision of change to Gujarat, India, as founder and director of Shanti Microfinance. Sheetal is also a UK Dealmaker for the UK Trade and Investment’s Global Entrepreneur Programme, more…

Sheetal Mehta – Fostering Entrepreneurship In Slums

“Sheetal Mehta is one of the most influential businesswomen in the United Kingdom. This incredible woman received ‘Asian Women of Achievement Award: Social and Humanitarian’ award from Prince Charles, appointed as a ‘UK Dealmaker’ by the British government, named as one of the top 10 Powerful British Asian Womens and loves Yoga. more…