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Watch Story Behind Shanti Life
Watch Story Behind Shanti Life

Shanti Life empowers and enables vulnerable women in India to achieve secure livelihoods and enhance their personal safety through access to sanitation as a priority.

We pride ourselves on providing low interest loans, to improve basic sanitation and enable small business creation, which deliver sustainable benefit to marginalized women, and the communities in which they live. With an initial focus on the states Maharashtra and Gujarat, we are focused on enabling more vulnerable women to transform their lives.

To ensure the loans are effective we deliver them in parallel with appropriate training and education. All of our loan recipients receive a financial literacy course and support in opening a bank account from which all disbursements and repayments can come. This approach enables our beneficiaries to build saving accounts and reduces vulnerability to predatory ‘loan sharks’. We begin the training process before a loan is offered so we can be sure that a loan from Shanti Life is the best way to help that individual case. Our is a not for profit microfinance model where all funds are recycled upon repayment.

As a result of our contribution to women’s safety through access to sanitation, we have just been appointed to the Indian Sanitation Coalition Task Force. Join us in this mission to ensure overall health, safety and productivity for vulnerable women.

Sheetal Walsh, Founder

Our Projects
Build a Toilet
Through consumptive loans,
poor women farmers can own
their own ECO sanitation toilet and washing
facilities. No longer will they
worry about security and they will
experience improved health
and productivity.
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Build a Business
Through productive microfinance loans, poor men and women can access capital, training, mentoring and resources they need to build sustainable businesses such as food vendors, rickshaw driving and sewing. As entrepreneurs they will be role models for others and create jobs.
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