Through financial literacy training and our low interest pay it forward micro loans, Shanti Life has supported thousands of women to provide for their families and uplift their communities. Financial empowerment is the key to sustainable living.

For over a decade, Shanti Life has served vulnerable women and communities in India to access safe sanitation and create small businesses. These communities are now self sustaining and funds are being recycled thereby positively affecting the overall community. For more information see link

Globally, we have witnessed many communities of women suffer due to lack of support systems which directly affect their families and communities. Shanti Life is positioned to relieve conditions associated with unemployment including improving economic opportunities for vulnerable individuals. We do this by providing pay it forward micro loans for the purpose of establishing or funding small businesses, entrepreneurial training focussed on financial literacy and the development of business skills, and the provision of basic necessities including clothing and business equipment.

Our immediate call for support is to assist Afghan refugees settling in Canada. Fleeing their homes and devastation left by the Taliban, these vulnerable communities need basic necessities and economic opportunities including employment.

100% of your donation will go to support the resettlement of refugees who are arriving during the winter months.

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Watch Story Behind Shanti Life
Watch Story Behind Shanti Life

Shanti Life has a diversity and inclusion policy that is reflected in our board, team and beneficiaries. Our diverse team brings diverse thinking and approaches that result in diverse programs to meet the needs of the diverse communities we serve.

As we serve diverse populations, we pride ourselves in maintaining a diverse team from a gender, race and neurodiversity perspective. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, gender expression, age, national origin, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, in any of our activities or operations.

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