Shanti supported a training initiative in Atsaliya village near Sandila Block of Hardoi District, UP, India. As a result of the training and committeemen from the young adults, a sewing class has been initiated with 20 students – 16 girls and… Read More

At 55 years, Ramjibhai was barely able to manage his family of 5. He operated a rented auto rickshaw and conducted odd jobs including plumbing in order to support his family. His monthly income was so low at Rs.2500.00 that… Read More

Anwar is 35 years old, and physically challenged. He is married and has a child. He has limited education but has been operating an auto rickshaw for the past 14 years. The high cost of renting the rickshaw and high fuel prices… Read More

Jamila Bibi, is married to a drug addict and cannot rely on her husband to look after her and her children. For as long as she can remember, she has been the breadwinner in the family and more recently her son is contributing… Read More

Bilkisbanu, is a 35-year-old mother of two visually and mentally challenged children. As a member of a cooperative, she has learned the importance of savings and through Shanti Life has received a microfinance… Read More

Shantuben, has lived a very difficult life and faced challenges every single day. Her love for her family has driven her to do anything it takes to nurture her family. In order to keep her ill husband alive, Shantuben has donated one of… Read More

The 2002 Gujarat riots had resulted in a heavy toll on Sajedaben’s family. But she fought these adverse circumstances bravely though finding a place to defecate in a semi urban area was next to impossible. The fear of attacks had… Read More

A Dalit (referred to as untouchable), Kanchanben had realized the importance of toilets and bathrooms during her interaction with the women’s federation leaders. She tried availing of a government grant that required… Read More

Kuvarben belongs to the Darbar caste that follows strict purdah (head covering) for women. To defecate, she had to go either very early or very late in the night. She suffered from insect and snakebites, and feared for her… Read More