Kanchanben – Amuli Village, Rajula, Gujarat

A Dalit (referred to as untouchable), Kanchanben had realized the importance of toilets and bathrooms during her interaction with the women’s federation leaders. She tried availing of a government grant that required a huge amount of paper work that she could not understand. Furthermore, the grant would only be paid once the unit was constructed.
Though she managed to dig a pit, she had no money to buy cement, steel, sand, tools and the mason’s fees. Her desire to practice safe sanitation seemed was great but opportunities were slim. The family gave up on her and decided to refill the pit. The women’s federation supported her with the loan of Rs.15000.00 from Shanti. Her new toilet has saved her the shame of defecating outside – every single day.
In addition, she has been assisted by the government grant that has partly helped to pay off the loan. Kanchanben’s determination and Shanti’s support improved her life dramatically and now she is a role model for other Dalit women.