Ramjibhai Rajabhai Sodharva – Guptanagar, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

At 55 years, Ramjibhai was barely able to manage his family of 5. He operated a rented auto rickshaw and conducted odd jobs including plumbing in order to support his family. His monthly income was so low at Rs.2500.00 that he could barely survive.
Moreover, he had to discard of his old petrol rickshaw because of a government ban on such vehicles; the new law required that autos operate on compressed natural gas. So, he decided to rent one as the cost to purchase one was out of his means.
Unfortunately, he suffered a terrible accident and was not able to work for a long time. Eventually when he did recover, he came across Shanti and availed of a loan of Rs.30, 000.00 from which he was able to buy a second hand auto. Today, he is able to earn up to Rs.500 per day and own his own business.