Rural Area ECO Sanitation

Women farmers
Rural Area outside Bhavnagar Eco sanitation

Women farmers in Bhavnagar do not have access to toilets and washing facilities in their farming community. This poses a huge problem in terms of maintaining privacy, dignity and general health. Women often go days without eating in order to avoid having to go to the bathroom in the fields. This causes illnesses and non-productivity. Often other members of the household reject them for not being able to contribute to the household and farming duties. We help these women construct eco-sanitation toilets and washing facilities in their homes. All the waste will be recycled and used to grow crops.

£120 will provide one household of 10 farmers with all the tools (bricks, soil, plaster, and recycling technology) to construct these facilities. Improved health will result in more productivity in the farms and cost savings on medicines.!

Target of 250 loans impacting 2500 people = £ 30,000