Rickshaws: Slums in Ahmedabad & Baroda


Microfinance is more easily made available to women. Their husbands also want to provide for their families. Though many families flock to cities where they hope they can get access to more funds they either encounter dangerous loan sharks and are left to beg.

A lot of them want to work but do not have the basic funds to put a down-payment on a rickshaw and they have little or no vocational skills. We supply microfinance loans to the rickshaw drivers so that they can afford a down-payment and eventually own their own rickshaw.

£250 will give a rickshaw driver freedom to work for himself, access all necessary and legal paperwork and provide for his family.

Target of 268 rickshaws impacting 1350 people = £67,000

rickshaw drivers family

Apasana and Malek lost everything in the 2002 riots in a fire. Their children were missing for 10 days and with no identity papers they were left with no hope. Apsana is training to learn microfinance accounting. Malek has his own rickshaw now and can make up to £8 per day as opposed to £4 per day when leasing.

He is a positive role model for others in the community and by bringing his family together and supporting them, he has regained his dignity.