Build an ECO Sanitation Toilet

The poor women we work with have no access to sanitation resulting in illnesses and poor productivity; they also have no access to financial literacy or capital to build their own businesses.

In the first instance the women have to walk miles away from the home at night so that they can defecate. On these long journeys they face danger including attacks, snake and insect bites. Scared for their safety, many women choose not to eat, resulting in child bearing related illnesses and anemia. Accessing medication from far away hospitals is expensive.

In the second instance, poor women are rarely allowed to leave their homes let alone gain skills (education) to set up their own small businesses. They are expected to nurture in-laws and large families depending on meager earnings from their husbands (if they are married). The pressure is immense. This causes illnesses and non-productivity.


Often other members of the household reject them for not being able to contribute to the household and farming duties. Existing access to loans is dangerous because they are given at very high interest rates with no training and impossible repayment conditions. Traditional value systems mean that women’s needs are not a priority and they have little decision making power in the household – they suffer the most which has knock on negative effects to the elderly and children.

Help these women construct eco-sanitation toilets and washing facilities in their homes. Your contribution will provide women farmers with all the tools (bricks, soil, plaster, and recycling technology) to construct these facilities. Improved health will result in more productivity in the farms and cost savings on medicines.All the waste will be recycled and used to grow crops.