Build a Business

The poor have very little or no access to resources in order to build their own businesses. This includes access to financial literacy training, capital, mentoring, and go to market opportunities. As a result, they often end up taking loans from loan sharks who provide capital at extremely high interest rates with little or no training. The conditions for repayment are unfair and often place the borrower in a dependence situation that they cannot leave. In many cases, the stress and inability to make repayments drives the borrower to extreme stress and suicide – affecting their families.

Livelihoods depend on ownership therefore we encourage the beneficiaries to engage in businesses where they have skills. Those who need guidance are offered vocational skills. In the case of artisans they have no sales outlet therefore we assist in online sales and other methods for them to gain income. Other livelihoods we support include sewing and embroidery, rickshaw drivers, food vendors and chai wallahs.


We encourage savings so that the entrepreneurs can build their sustainable businesses and graduate out of microfinance. There is no need to continue and foster dependence!

Help these men and women build sustainable businesses. Your contribution will assist in training, developing crops for sale, purchasing wholesale goods for sale, down payment on a rickshaw, purchase of a sewing machine, and fostering entrepreneurship. All funds will be recycled upon repayment to other potential entrepreneurs. Jobs will be created, and funds will be available to support entire families.